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A Facebook Business Page is an excellent way for real estate agents two connect with homebuyers. The National Association of Realtors reports that 97% of homebuyers in 2020 used the internet in their home search. In addition, Zillow found that 61% of homebuyers prefer to schedule in-person home tours online.

To set up a Facebook Business Page, you must have a personal Facebook page; however, you can keep the posts separate. When setting up a business page, you need to select a category. There are about a dozen real estate categories. Select those most applicable to your business. You can update these later if needed.

Besides a business name and description, Facebook allows business pages to publish your email, physical address, and website link. Also, it will enable people to check in on your page. A check-in is a personal referral from one friend to another.

When posting on your business page, remember your audience. All of your posts should be something of interest to homebuyers and sellers. Your page should follow the 80/20 Rule for posting. 80% of the posts should be customer-focused and 20% business-focused. Save posts about your grandchildren for your personal page.

For posting, allow pictures and video to speak for you. Instead of saying, “A lovely home,” show a photo. In addition to posting homes for sale, some messages to post include:

  • Share helpful articles from real estate authorities with interesting local real estate information.
  • Offer practical advice for the buyer and seller.
    • For the buyer, have tips for a lower price and advice for choosing a Realtor.
    • For the seller, share tips for making a home sale go smoother.
  • Create posts that promote new blog articles on your website. An engaging blog can convert 2-10% of your website visitors into leads.
  • Post Images of you, your team, and happy clients.
  • Share reviews you receive from clients.
  • Be local by posting about holidays and local holiday events.
  • Share articles from authority websites like Zillow and BiggerPockets.

Always respond in a timely fashion to comments on your posts and tag the person. Be sure to respond as your business page, not a personal page.

Strive for “likes” and “shares.” Ask your friends and associates to like your business page and posts. Ask them to share your posts with others. Pages with more engagement (comments, likes, shares) have higher visibility and are shown to others.

An excellent way to get engagement is to ask questions. Have a real estate question of the day or ask people to share their opinions on a subject. Be sure you respond to these, as it shows an active interest in what others say.


Test your knowledge of Facebook Business Pages by answering the questions below.  Be sure to fill in your name and email address so we can credit your account.