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The goal of using a YouTube channel to market your services is to send users to your website to generate visitors into new clients. You may already have a website, so why use YouTube for marketing? YouTube marketing is a must for any business. YouTube is the second most popular website in the world and second only to Google as the most popular search engine.

When someone wants to know how to do something, there’s a good chance they’ll go to YouTube. YouTube has over two billion monthly active users.

  • 42.9% of the online global population are active monthly YouTube users.
  • 62% of U.S. YouTube users, 122 million people, access the site daily.

A YouTube channel is a landing page to showcase your videos. As a businessperson, you want your videos to help generate business and educate prospective clients. In addition to videos, your YouTube channel can have links and information about you and your business.

Starting a YouTube channel is simple. If you don’t already have a free YouTube account, using your Google Account, sign in to YouTube. Then, try any action you might do with a channel, such as uploading a video or posting a comment. If you don't yet have a channel, you'll see a prompt to create one. If you already have a YouTube channel, you can create a new one by clicking on your channel icon. Then go to "Settings" and click "Create a new channel."

Begin by selecting a channel name that’s easy to remember and highlights your business. Once created, customize your channel with your  personalized branding:

  • A profile picture appears on your channel’s homepage, on your video watch pages, and next to all your comments.
  • A channel banner, the space at the top of your channel, shows what your channel is all about. You can put visuals or text to highlight your channel’s content.
  • A channel trailer video and description will help visitors understand what to expect when they subscribe to your channel.
  • You can have a different video play for visitors who have not subscribed and those subscribed to your channel.

You can customize the layout of your channel's homepage with up to 12 sections. The more details you add to your channel, the easier it is for visitors to understand what you do and what to expect to see on your channel. You can add or update any of this content from the YouTube Studio.

When you start your YouTube channel, the URL will be a series of numbers and letters. Once you have 100 or more subscribers and the channel is at least 30 days old, you can get a shorter, easy-to-remember URL based on your current display name.

You manage your YouTube account in the YouTube Studio. You can create and manage playlists. There is even an audio library to get music and sound effects for your videos. From the YouTube Studio, you can grow your channel, see how visitors use your channel and interact with your audience in one place.

You can manage your YouTube account from your computer or with the YouTube Studio app on your mobile device. Now that your channel is set up, you're ready to start uploading videos and let everyone know you have a YouTube channel.


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